“Never has there been a society with so much information and so little knowledge…In a society where power  is everywhere diffused and everywhere attacked, the appeal to science has become some final authority. All that power need do to prove that this or that little point is to say that it is ‘scientific’.” – Boy Igor

“The true reign of Science will begin once human existence has at last been reduced to nothing; after all, catastrophes only underscore the fundamental unreliability of humanity and its whims. A lifestyle that in the past would have seemed simple, not to say ascetic, is an unheard-of-luxury today, in a world where simply to breathe fresh air and to enjoy peace and quiet is practically impossible anywhere.” Jaime Semprum

“Such would be the power established in the name of Science. Such a regime would be capable of paralyzing all life and movement in society. The scientists, ever presumptuous, conceited and impotent, would want to meddle with everything, and as a result the sources of life would dry up under their abstract and learned breath.” Mikhail Bakunin

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