Kiss of the Chicken King

By Oscar McLennan

New Revised Edition Published in March 2014.

By Glaswegian-born writer and performance actor Oscar McLennan. It’s an original story from an extraordinary writer about an outcast figure who winds his way through the London of the 1980s. The book, now developed into a Performance lasting an hour and 20 minutes, plus a CD. The Performance was commissioned by the Adelaide Theatre Festival for March 2014 and by the Project Theatre in Dublin in April 2014.

Jimmy is obsessed. With the fly on the bare light bulb. With the dead cat on his front path. With his sunbathing neighbour. With the hole in his heart where Rosie used to be. With the bright red telephone that never rings and the fact that life is passing him by.

With the arrival of a pram and a baby, he decides to change his name and his lifestyle, step in from the fringes of society and offer up a new, socially acceptable version of himself. But is the population at large ready for him? That’s the question, and it may be that his salvation lies in another direction – the kiss of the chicken king – a kiss that is unswervingly loyal, asks for nothing in return, yet promises warmth, excitement and companionship.

Funny, sad, disturbing but most of all startlingly original, the book follows an outcast, offbeat figure, and he weaves his unsteady way through an early eighties London, where the drums of war are beating, the flag waving patriots are waxing their cars and it is not advisable to be swimming against the tide.

Price: €10 plus €4 p&p

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